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  Sponsor:  Liberty Diner Restaurant



Dupont Time News Article

  Kelley Chevrolet 100 year Celebration

In Honor of the 100th year celebration of Chevrolet.  One of our own  Liberty Cruisers Car Club member was asked to display their beautiful vehicle in Kelley Chevrolet's Show Room.  This is  just one of the fantastic vehicles we have in our car club.  There are also 3 other fantastic displayed vehicles shown from the Fort Wayne area. 

                    A Special Thank You to Kelley Chevrolet!! 

 The vehicles displayed were:  a 1952 Chevy, owned by Richard Pence, Liberty Cruiser Club Member.  A 1965 Biscayne, owned by Jerry Machammer.  A 1957 Chevy Pickup, owned by Mory Fromm.  Two 1955 Chevy's, owned by Tom Stinnet and Ron Timma.






2011 Kroozin Calendar

Kroozination Kroozer of the Year!

 Looks who's on the front cover of the 2011 Kroozin' Calendar.....One of our own Liberty Cruiser members, Phil Pion!

 Congratulations Phil!!        Very Kool!!!

Route 66 Tour in Texas

 2 of our very own Liberty Cruisers were on the Route 66 Tour in Texas this year!  Dean Roby and Ron Hans!!




          Car Club Shirts & Flags



  Remember to wear your embroidered shirt & fly your car flag at all away cruise-ins & car shows!!


   We are still wearing our regular Liberty Diner t-shirts at our home cruise-in!